• By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

Michigan is nicknamed the Great Lakes State, but it offers so much more than its waterways. Michigan is one of those states which promotes tourism there with an enviable aggressiveness. Due to this fact, and the diverse offerings, it holds its own as a tourist state, with many adventures, sightings and more.

Top Places to go

The Henry Ford Museum

For acres of fun and history, there's The Henry Ford Museum. 26 million artifacts are housed in this 200 acre museum. Cars, modular houses, microprocessors and more serve to delight visitors seeking places to go. By taking in an eyeful of exhibits in this venue, people can also walk off a good number of calories.

Mackinac Island

Endless variety can be found in this refuge island locale. Paths new and fresh can be forged, and forts can be visited. In addition, visitors can elect to play games, see a frontier home, ride bikes and horses to get their fill of being taken away from city life. Visitors should be aware that riding bikes is the main way to get around there, so bring your sneakers, and don't miss out on traveling along beautiful scenery-rich Highway M-185.

Touring by carriage is another option on this island, because cars are not allowed. Don't forget to stop by and pick up some delicious fudge, and watch it being made by fudgemakers as they enjoy preparing this world renowned confection.

This West Bluff site is one of the national historic landmarks and the Mackinac Island Bridge there is both a destination and journey. 

Before leaving the island, you might want to visit the towers located 150 feet above the Straights of
Mackinac. At this venue, you get to watch them fire a cannon and rifles. If you choose, you can join in the military drill as you re-live the 1800's with them.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

What is a watery state without lighthouses? One of Michigan's many lighthouse includes this Ludington beauty. It is the first lighthouse built there, and water vessels still travel through its channels as they move to link to the harbor, Lake Michigan and aquatic points beyond.

Top Things To Do

Great Lakes Bay Region

Catching breezes on the water, viewing trees flush with foliage or birds as they spread skyward, watching towering schooners, shopping at the world's largest Midwest Mall, participating in a year-long Christmas, and capturing the sights and smells at a botanical delight – these are all found in Great Lakes Bay Region.

Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is in Ann Arbor, making it a city of youthful frivolity. Hangouts fantastic and great, vivacious culture and eateries for foodies and those feeling general hunger pains are found there. In Ann Arbor,  there's the Gerald Ford Library and university museum sites, such as one focused on natural history and one related to archeology. Whether on campus or off campus, Ann Arbor gives a bit of a small town vibe, while still featuring many attractions of note.

Sunrise Coast

The color palette as used in the skies at Sunrise Coast makes for breathtaking views during the fall. During that season, there seems to be no place where the eye is unable to capture the effusive beauty and rich colors awash in the sky. There's also Harrisville, Lake Huron's Sunrise Coast., which features Wednesday night concerts, and views of fishermen and soaring eagles year round.


Michigan is not even close to losing its appeal. The geography, variety, cultural offerings and more make it a state worth taking notice of. It's not just any old state, not as long as it keeps its welcome mat out for people from all walks of life.