• By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

It's small wonder that actor Patrick Dempsey has gone on record as someone who loves Maine. As the saying goes, “Keep the Maine thing the Maine thing.” The New England state on the Atlantic Ocean is within a stone's throw of Canada; making it a coastline state and one where its easy to enter into another country. With such distinction, it can easily be said that Maine has a lot to offer anyone who lives there and any tourist with an eye for beauty and a mindset of maximum enjoyment. Any season seems to be a good season to visit Maine.

Places to see

Mid-Coast Maine Lobster

Can anyone say “Maine Lobster?” Actually pronouncing it is not nearly as much fun as eating it. It would almost be illegal to go to Maine and not find a place to eat some fresh Maine Lobster. Traveling to mid-coast Maine will provide you with the most delicious offerings of Lobster, along with clam, cultivated oysters, crab and other seafood. However, if you'd like a fresh-caught Maine Lobster plopped down right in front of you, this coastal midway is the best part of Maine to have this experience.

Bangor, Maine

Not only was author Stephen King born in this city, but it was at one time the world's largest lumber port, and the site where the state's longest river is found. It ends up that this city is a fantastic place to shop. There are unique boutique shops, discount stores, antique shops, popular chain-stores; along with variety at the 60-acre Bangor Mall.

Bangor is located in a region known as the Maine Highlands, and the city serves as the central geographic point of it all. In Bangor is the Maine Forest and Logging Museum, the Maine Discovery Museum, the Cole Land Transportation Museum, and the University of Maine Museum of  Art.


Oh, the sea, the sea, the sea. In Acadia, it's possible to watch a puffin in action during a tour, dip your toes in the water or climb the highest climbable sea cliffs found on the East Coast. Sightseeing tours will enable visitors to see the nature displays, such as big game, fish twisting out of the waters, whales surfacing for air and more. Touring vessel options include ferries, bus, boat, horse-drawn carriages, trolleys, schooners, and airplanes.

Things to do

Watery Fun

Oxford Hills is the go-to place for any watery option you can think of. Ponds, lakes, streams and rivers are abundant there, offering fishing, swimming and boating enough to fill endless hours.

Balloon Festival

If you go in mid-August, you should check out the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston/Auburn.
Enjoy a paid balloon ride or enter to win a balloon ride. There are almost half a dozen launches throughout the day. If you don't mind chasing the wind during a free-flying adventure in the sky, it's worth planning a trip around this event.

Camping for Landlovers

With all its aquatic offerings, there is still enough for the landlubber to do in Maine. Whether you'd like to rent a cabin, lay beneath the open sky or pitch a tent on the ground, Aroostook Country is the place to be. The scent of  pine filters through the air, as you narrow down your choices for where to rough it a little bit. Private campsites are plenteous if you don't mind the company of others with the same quest for a rustic experience.


Trying to choose which season first? You won't need to do it in Maine. For every season offers fun, challenging, nature-rich, aquatic or other experiences in this state. It may be better to just close your eyes and point to a location on the Maine map and step into venturesome times.