• By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

It was a battleground during the American Civil War. With that history in its rearview mirror, Hagerstown, Maryland has gained a reputation as an excellent tourist site, offering a plethora of recreational, educational, cultural and outdoor attractions. The birthplace of nine presidents, this city is said to have provided intuition and divine guidance to the drafters of some of the country's most important doctrines. Hagerstown is rich with unknown history and replete with modern offerings. Those who don't know it exists are missing out.

Things to see

Presidential Homes

Mansions, plantation homes, retreats, homes with farms and more presidential homes are on the must-see list for tourists to Hagerstown. Don't miss out on a trip to the former retreat home of President Thomas Jefferson, who was the country's third president, and drafter of the Declaration of Independence and then some. 4Th president James Madison's home, Montpelier, is also a must-see. (It's also worth noting that his brother's Woodberry Forest home is also in Hagerstown). A tour through the presidential homes will be a worthy experience and an education. What other lesser-known cities can boast being the birthplace of so many presidents?

Battlefield Grounds

Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Culpepper, Leesburg, Sharpsburg, Middleburg and Manasas are all battle grounds with historical significance worth exploring. See where Confederate and Union troops battled it out, view places occupied by one of the forces, touch the ground at calvary battle sites and more.

Gettysburg Light Show

A battlefield diorama is presented by the Gettysburg History Center, offering a narrated light and sound show which re-enacts the three day battle. This is the country's largest diorama of historical significance.

Things to do

White's Ferry

The Potomac's only working ferry is found in Hagerstown. It traverses across Virginia to Maryland and vice versa, carrying passengers and up to two dozen cars per trip. Take a crossover ride and have great fun in two states. It’s $4 for a one-way trip, and $6 for a round trip. White's Ferry runs year-round, ceaselessly from 5:00 in the morning until 11 at night.

Antietam National Battlefield Tour

With a personalized tour provided by a certified battlefield escort, you can glean a sense of the essence and interpretion of the collision of North and South at Antietam during the American Civil War.

Hagerstown Premium Outlet

100 outlet stores are found in this outlet mall. Located at 495 Premium Outlets Boulevard, this venue offers sensational savings on clothing and other products at brand name stores, along with varied cuisine at the outlet's food court. There are extra perks for those 50 and older and military families; along with a $10 Simon Amex gift card with $50 purchases at some shops.


This city is anything but forgotten, but it's not known by the masses. A magnet city for those who do know what it has to offer, Hagerstown is a great destination for those who delight in variety and appreciate the significance of history.